Rxchange | The pharmacists stock market

Rxchange is the UK's premier B2B website connecting retail pharmacies, wholesalers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. It allows users to buy and sell their pharmaceutical stock across the whole of the UK. It smooths supply difficulties, reduces waste and improves patient health care.

Fulfilling patient prescriptions can be difficult. Shortages and quotas affect everyone. Operating across the UK since 2007, Rxchange enables you to purchase stock directly from pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers. If what you need is not already listed, you can instantly publish a request.

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With unique on-line access to pharmacies across the UK, Rxchange gives pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers & manufacturers a country wide, direct-to-pharmacy, sales channel. Sell what's needed, where it's needed, when it's needed.

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24 hour secure account

Only GPhC members and MHRA approved manufacturers or wholesalers may trade on the site.

BIG product range

Get instant access to 1000's of products from UK pharmacies and wholesalers

Instant publishing

Manage your own stock list. Add an item and it is instantly available to other UK pharmacies.

Order tracking

Integrated order tracking ensures you can quickly see the current status of an order.

Order History

Full order history available online.

Low cost subscription

Subscriptions from just £12.99 per month. No long term contract.

Integrated invoicing

Invoices and Delivery Notes are automatically created.

Expiry dates

Stock is automatically removed from the system as it reaches its expiry date.

Buying groups

Private groups can be created to manage who can buy and sell stock.

If you're a UK pharmacy or pharmacy wholesaler/manufacturer you can register now for your free account. This allows you to browse the stock lists and add an unlimited amount of stock. When you receive your first order or want to buy, you will need to upgrade your account to one of our paid subscription plans.