Better Buying

Buy Stock

  • Comprehensive product search including part of name and phonetic searching. Additional criteria such as Strength, Pack Size and minimum Expiry Date can be specified
  • A-Z browse for stock
  • Browse by latest stock added to the system
  • Search results can be sorted and short listed
  • Popup window shows sellers contact details and full product information. Email enquiries to the seller can be sent directly from the website
  • "Other stock listed by this seller" can be easily viewed
  • Detail and contact information is only shown to logged in users
  • % off list price automatically calculated (from figures provided by the seller)
  • Wholesaler stock shown with special icon
  • Partner icon shows stock held by members of the buyers Partner Group
  • Filter search results by Partner Groups
  • Red buttons indicate action required
  • Buying Transactions in Progress summary with detail drilldown
  • Buying History summary with detail drilldown
  • Buyer can choose to withdraw an offer before the seller accepts
  • Summary running totals