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Rxchange is for UK Pharmacies, Wholesalers and Manufacturers.
It introduces those with pharmaceutical stock to those that need it.
There's no long term contract, so you're free to use Rxchange whenever you want to buy and sell stock. Order tracking, invoicing and full order history are included.
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For occasional use

£16.99 per month

£20.39 inc VAT

For trial, less frequent and one-off users.

  • Buy and sell stock
  • Trade with the UK Rxchange community
  • Use the system as and when you want
  • Order tracking, history and invoicing
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For regular use

£12.99 per month

£15.59 inc VAT

A recurring monthly subscription for regular users.

  • Buy and sell stock
  • Trade with the UK Rxchange community
  • Private trading groups
  • Order tracking, history and invoicing
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We also have a free plan that allows you to list stock.

How will Rxchange help my business?

Rxchange offers a great way to sell unwanted stock and buy at the best possible price. Our subscription plans are specifically tailored to ensure you will be able to release your stock and add value to your bottom line. It also offers a unique way to locate hard to obtain stock from all over the country, so it improves your patient care.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. You just pay month to month. If you decide to cancel you'll pay for the current month but won't be charged again.

What stock is permitted?

Most pharmaceutical stock except for some controlled drugs. You can also list non-medicinal stock such as store fittings and beauty products. Have a look at our Terms & Conditions for the details.

Does Rxchange create invoices for my sales?

Yes, and more. Have a look at our system features.

Is it safe?

We take security, and our reputation, very seriously. We manually verify that all accounts belong to registered UK pharmacies or wholesalers/ manufacturers, (that's why there may be a delay in activating accounts). We also monitor stock lists, usage and trends.

How do I pay?

You can pay by Credit Card - with rapid activation (Monday-Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm), and depending on the plan you choose; Standing Order, BACs or Cheque. If you use one of the off-line methods your account will be activated the day we receive your payment.

I only want to use Rxchange after a stock take. Is that OK?

Yes. That's exactly why we offer the 'Occasional' plan. It runs for 30 days then stops. Actually it's better than that because your stock continues to be listed and you'll get an email notification if someone wants your stock. Then you simply subscribe again to complete the sale. When you renew you'll find all your order history is still there as well.

I sold one expensive item. Do I still pay a sales fee?

No, of course not. We want you, and your patients, to benefit from using Rxchange. If it's clear to us that your usage was exceptional or if you occasionally just sneak over the sales threshold for your plan you will not be charged the sales fee.