Following changes to the Medicines Act, pharmacies without a WDL need to ensure they comply with the 'Health care Providers Model'. Further details can be found here:
Rxchange takes all reasonable steps to ensure that buyer and seller addresses listed on Rxchange are registered UK pharmacies or have a Wholesale Dealers Licence.
You can make your own verification using publically available registers at the following web addresses.
The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)
The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland
Department of Health and MHRA Register of Licensed Wholesale Dealer Sites
From our experience most sellers put a price against the stock which, by default, the system assumes to be a guide price (i.e. you will accept an offer). While your quite at liberty to list at £0.00, this may not encourage people to make an offer as they won't know where to pitch the offer.
Alternatively you might want to add a note to the product with your suggested price as another way to give buyers an indication. A little icon then appears next to the listing that the buyer can click to read.
If you really are giving the stock away we suggest you explain this in the notes.
Rxchange accounts can be grouped together. We call members of these groups 'Trading Partners'. They are aimed at pharmacy chains, corporate businesses and buying groups. Basically it allows users to only display their stock to their trading partners. However there are advanced publishing options that allow specific items to be published to the whole Rxchange community when you want, specifying a different sale price depending on stock age and who is viewing it.
Yes. Click the location of a stock item and this will show you other stock from this seller.
The seller is responsible for sending the goods directly to the buyer. This is normally done by post or courier.
Payment is sent directly from the buyer to the seller. Typically the payment will be made using cheque or BACS. The seller can include their payment details on the invoice generated by the Rxchange system. Full contact details are also provided with each order should you need to contact the other party.
Only registered users can buy or sell on Rxchange. These must be a registered pharmacy, pharmacy wholesaler or manufacturer.
Yes. This can include heath care, beauty products, shop fittings etc.
You can list most medicinal products but there are restrictions on controlled drugs.
Sorry we cant take payments over the phone. You can register online and then pay online or send us a cheque or standing order.
Yes you can, but you must ensure that the product maintains it's viability during transit. Some sellers have used polystyrene packages that previous deliveries have arrived in together with ice or cool pack and sent by post or courier.
If you consult the data sheet compendium or product SPC you usually the find how long the product can remain out of cold storage. If it is a month or more then it may be reasonable to send in the post, if only a few days or a week then cold courier would seem more appropriate.
Whatever arrangements are made need to satisfy the buyer and seller in terms of product integrity and cost.
Generally this field is not used but it is provided so you can add postage info such as recorded delivery or courier reference numbers etc.
If you would like to cancel your recurring Rxchange subscription, please Contact us